2003-02-16 20:30 (CET)
Add option to use SSL for access to mail server. The adress for secure connection is will give you an uncrypted comunication.

2003-01-27 20:40 (CET)
Now you can get to web mail using port 80 (
 before web mail was using an unusual port (81) and if you was behind a firewall LappNet mail could be hard to get.

2002-11-20 13:00(CET)
In an new try to block spam and virus mail i have installed InterScan Messaging Security Suite . That will be added for both incoming and outgoing mail.

2002-07-25 23:10 (CET)
In an attempt to reduce the amount of spam that circulates LappNet will not accept mail from servers that canít be verified. LappNet does not accept mail from servers that are listed in ORBS database for open relays. If you have problems sending mail to please provide feedback to us on the web.

2001-10-13 15:58 (CET)
I have update to a new version of mail software. If you don't like "hotmail" You can now create you're own "E-mail account" All incoming mail is virus scanned by Trend. 

2001-02-12 16:39 (CET)

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