Why use a list server
The use of a list server is if you for example would like to send jokes to a lot of you're friends but don't have all adresses all the time or. If you are a supplier and would like to send information to all that might be intreseded in what has happend the last week and you write one mail to a list and every intrested recive a copy of that mail.

Why not use News ?
News is a little moore for having a discussion. A list server is more of "one to many"

What list are avalibale on this server then ?
At this point we only have one list and that list is about jokes and the name is HUMOR

Any example of "what is fun" ?
Yes Link This is some examples from the list.

How can i read in this list ?
You have to send a e-mail to listserver@lapp.net and in the body of the mail you type subscribe humor
From: Youre@address.
To: listserver@lapp.net
subscribe humor


Why shuld i use the list ?
If you on regular basis send jokes to you're friends you now have the opertunity to send it to a lot moore.
And it would be a smart thing to inform all frends abut this list.

That looks easy but how do i send my jokes and what's the policy about sending to this list ?
Before you can send anything to the list you must subscribe from the list.If you're intention is to spam the list you have to read it by yourself.
Use youre own idea about how you wold like to read jokes, remove all from: and seen-by and so on.
Or only send the joke to the list, remove everything else.   

What about privicy ?
The only person that knows you are connected to a list server on lapp.net is the administrator.
If you start to post to the list then every one connected to the list will know.

Can i have my a mailng list ?
Yes if it's an open list and not a "member only", send you're request to admin

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